Noel & Sharon Collver

Noel was born in Canada and grew up in the home of Ray and Blanche Collver, who were Assemblies of God pastors. He is one of eight very musical children, and came to know the Lord as a young boy. The call to minister has been very strong throughout his life. He has served in supportive roles as associate youth and/or music pastor in churches in Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, and Oklahoma. Noel has served as the senior pastor of a Georgia church, as well. He has attended Bible colleges in Colorado, Texas and Florida, and is a 2010 graduate of Rhema Bible Training College, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. While at Rhema Bible Church, Noel sang on the Frontline praise team and was a team leader in the church's nursing home outreach.

Noel also realized a “dream-come-true” in October of 2004, when, together with a team of strong, wonderful people, he opened the youth ministry, JC Pineapples, in downtown Americus, Georgia. While Noel’s vision, as leader, was for this to serve as an outreach and safe place to every young person in the town -believers and heathens- JCPs seemed to attract the ones mostly whose lives were the most “out there”. These were young people who seemed to feel unwelcomed to or unqualified for the average church youth groups. These youth were full of hurt, confusion, rebellion and rejection. Those involved in the ministry there were humbled and challenged in sharing Jesus Christ with these youth, and many came to know His saving power during those years.

Noel is currently self-employed in freelance product development, as he contracts to several businesses in North Georgia.

Sharon has known the Lord since childhood. She was an active youth in the Georgia District of the Assemblies of God during all her growing-up years. The Lord taught her to play the piano at age nine. She pursued a degree in Music Education at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Ministry opportunities have included traveling with her family’s singing group, directing choirs of every age, teaching grades K-12 music for twenty years in a Georgia school, and offering private music instruction from her home, which she did for almost twenty years. She played keys and led the vocal practices for the Rhema Sunday Night Band. Sharon is a 2010 graduate of Rhema Bible Training College, and is currently employed as a piano instructor atCanton Music Shoppe.

Noel and Sharon have been married since August 1981. They are both Bible teachers and preachers, and have been used in various small and large group situations. The Lord has provided them, too, with outreach experience in counseling youth and adults, both married and single. As a family, they have been featured musically at several Rhema-sponsored activities and at other churches and venues, as well. Noel and Sharon went on to graduate from Rhema Bible Training College, School of Pastors, in 2008.  Noel and Sharon have four adult children, whose lives have remained committed to following hard after God, and they are all married to strong believers. Noel and Sharon have four grandchildren.

Noel and Sharon both sing with the Dream Church worship team, and Sharon plays the piano. Both are the overseers of the Pastoral Care team and provide mentorship for the church staff as well as its members. They also coordinate the family's traveling outreach, Collver Family Ministries, where the entire family continues to be blessed with ministerial opportunities near and far.