Cameron & Heather Collver

Cameron was very young when he got his start singing and playing the drums with his family. As his skill and excitement for percussion grew, so did his interest in recording equipment, video technology and production, and the mastery and control of a sound system. For most of Cameron’s life, his talent for drawing and painting has always found him putting his ideas down on paper, designing things for future use. Cameron grew up in the same church with his future wife, Heather. He was always active in the church's youth and music. His drumming opportunities increased, as he played in the marching band in high school. Cameron, along with his brother, Chandler, founded the youth band, U-turn, which played at many different venues during his teen years. U-turn was the ‘house band’ at JC Pineapples, a teen club which their family operated for four years. Cameron and Heather got engaged shortly after high school graduation, and married a year later. Cameron is a man of many vocational interests and successes, with quite an impressive resume. Among his many accomplishments are his 2012 graduation from The School of Audio Engineering in Atlanta. He now records the family's music. He has been active in the building of Dream Church, along with Heather and their young son, Maddox, since its beginning in 2014, in Canton, Georgia, where he has served as a preacher and Bible teacher. He is continuing his responsibilities in reaching the young children, as he will now serve with the Next Gen Leadership Team in directing all the youth through twelfth grade. Cameron has remained the sound tech and drummer for Dream Church and Collver Family Ministries.

Heather has been actively involved in church since day one, having grown up in a strong, Godly family. At a young age, she sang in the children's choir, and as she grew older, she loved spending time with her youth group. She grew to be a proven leader in the children's and youth departments, which would continue after she married. In fact, church was where Heather met Cameron, and they were involved in the youth group together. Following high school, Heather graduated from the South Georgia Technical College’s School of Cosmetology in Americus, Georgia, her hometown. As the time for their marriage drew near, Heather made herself available and began to help with the Collver Family and their ministry, in any way possible. Her responsibilities have continued to rapidly increase. She loves working in the ministry with her husband and their sweet little boy, Maddox. Heather has a passion for outreach, and is in the early stages of preparation to launch the ministry’s connection to the needy and homeless. Her vision is to set up food pantries and clothes closets, offering assistance in grooming and life skills. The Lord has given her the title “Wonderfully Made” for these projects, found in the book of Psalms, chapter 139. Heather uses her beautiful voice to sing with the family, at Dream Church and in the traveling ministry, and works strongly in special event planning. She has served as the Children's Ministry Pastor at Dream Church, and has now stepped into the Next Gen Leadership Team, which will allow her to lead the youth of all ages. Heather is very mature in her dealings with others, and in the management of her life's responsibilities. In her own words: “I get the opportunity to work in my calling, as a part of Dream Church”.
Heather is a self-employed, successful licensed cosmetologist at Crabapple Hair Salon in Roswell.